Polish-Americans Can Help Build First Dedicated Pediatric Trauma Center in Poland


Dr. Piotr Czauderna, Copernicus Hospital, Gdansk Poland

Dear PASGC Member and Friend,

On behalf of Dr. Czauderna, and the children, and families his team cares for at Copernicus Hospital in Gdańsk, we are pleased to extend an opportunity for you to support us in raising funds to help establish the first dedicated Pediatric Trauma Center in Poland.

To accomplish this goal, a team of Polish emergency services specialists will travel to Cincinnati Children’s this summer to participate in the Pediatric Trauma Transformation Collaborative. During this week- long visit they will gain practical knowledge and training to effectively run a pediatric trauma center which will maximize the survival rates and outcomes of their young patients.

Much of Copernicus Hospital’s budget has been allocated to fund the acquisition of equipment and critical infrastructure. As a result, the team struggles to secure funds for the travel expenses of several team members. Our goal is to raise $5000 to ensure the whole team can participate which is critical to success of their effort.

We respectfully and sincerely request your consideration of supporting our fundraiser by providing a donation in any amount.


Ways to Donate:

1. Online

To donate online with your credit card simply select the following PayPal donation button. Your transaction will be completely and securely handled by the PayPal system.

Upon landing on PayPal page please enter the amount and select option to donate with Card for credit card processing if you don’t have PayPal account. PayPal receipt can be used as proof of donation.

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2. In person

Can be delivered to any PASGC board member or teacher during any of the meetings such as the fundraiser event, Swieconka, Polish School, etc.

3. By mail

Send your checks to the following address. Check donations are payable to PASGC. Tax deduction forms will be available upon request.

Polish American Society of Greater Cincinnati (PASGC)
4022 Sunday Lane
Maineville, Oh 45039

You will gain personal recognition and for your business as a result of your partnership with us to raise these much needed funds for Copernicus Hospitals training participants that would ultimately benefit children, young adults, and their families that will be treated at their newly formed center.

We will also seek for volunteers to help with the dinner meal prep and Cincinnati tour for the team as we get closer to the visit time.

Please read below to learn more about the cause and its mission and significance….

Letter from Dr. Richard A. Falcone

To our friends at The Polish American Society of Greater Cincinnati,

On behalf of the Division of Trauma Services at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude for the invitation to speak at your Swieconka celebration.  Our “Mission” at Cincinnati Children’s is to be the leader in improving child health both in the U.S. and globally. It is a pleasure to share with you our desire to collaborate with Copernicus Hospital in Gdansk for the purpose of improving pediatric trauma care in Poland.

In October of 2016 I had the privilege of traveling to Warsaw and Gdansk along with our Trauma Education Specialist, Margot Daugherty, to meet with the Polish Ministry of Health and visit Copernicus Hospital. Through the various presentations, hospital tours, and conversations with Polish medical professionals we were able to gain valuable insights into Poland’s current limited pediatric trauma readiness and learn more about their vision for how these services can grow in the future.

We believe that if this program is to achieve long term success we must start by building a solid foundation from which a more robust collaboration can grow.  Based on what we learned, we have developed a training and education program designed to provide Polish health care professionals with the knowledge and training that will have the most impact at these early stages of collaboration.

Your support is greatly appreciated!


richard falcon

Dr. Richard A. Falcone, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Richard A. Falcone, Jr, MD, MPH
Associate Chief of Staff, Surgical Services
Professor of Surgery
Director, Trauma Services
Division of Pediatric Surgery
Cincinnati, Ohio, US

How the Collaboration between CCHMC and Copernicus Hospital in Gdansk, Poland will work

copernicus hospital

Copernicus Hospital, Gdansk Poland

Vision for Collaboration

We believe that a successful collaboration should provide support at both the hospital and national level. It will be important that we work jointly with Copernicus Hospital to set achievable goals so that the success of any collaborative activities can be measured. Because Poland is in the early stages of developing dedicated pediatric trauma services we are concentrating our efforts around the core principles of pediatric trauma care which can be “learned by a few and shared with many”. Equally important will be the need to create a trauma registry to accurately track baseline data on which long term improvement initiatives can be measured.

Based on our site visit, we are partnering with Copernicus Hospital as the pilot site for our initial efforts. This program will consist of members of the Copernicus trauma team traveling to Cincinnati for an intensive one week shadowing and simulation experience that will also include lecture and team building exercises. In addition to the week-long visit, the Cincinnati trauma staff will conduct video conference case reviews on a quarterly basis to further support ongoing learning.

Collaboration Proposal for Copernicus Hospital and Polish Ministry of Health

Focusing our initial efforts on Copernicus Hospital will provide an opportunity to demonstrate how the collaborative partnership can work and provide guidance for other hospitals in Poland that might wish to engage in future collaborative efforts.

Prior to beginning any collaborative work, it will be imperative for leaders of CCHMC and Copernicus Hospital to agree upon the short term goals of the partnership and determine how success will be measured. Initial efforts will focus on the following core areas and capabilities:

  • Role definition and structure for trauma resuscitations
  • Triage system for activating the trauma team
  • Early data collection structure for tracking trauma patients
  • Establishment of a minimum of three specific pediatric trauma care guidelines

About the Program Components

Simulation: Our state of the art simulation center can re-create real life scenarios based on patients seen at your hospital. During the simulated case the staff is videotaped to evaluate their performance. Following the case, the staff returns to the debrief room to watch the simulation and identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Shadowing and Lectures: During the visit your staff will shadow our nurses and physicians to observe firsthand how we apply our best practice models to our patients. Participants are encouraged to ask questions but are not permitted to have direct patient contact.

Continuing Medical Education (CME): CCHMC has a large library of CME material available for viewing on-line. These courses can be viewed in real time and are also recorded for on demand viewing.

Video Case Reviews: During a visit to Cincinnati your team will have the opportunity to participate in video case reviews of real trauma patients treated at Cincinnati Children’s. These reviews will provide the opportunity to learn about both patient care as well as teamwork and role delineation.