Seeking Volunteers to visit Artis Senior Living of Mason

We are looking for volunteers from our community that would be interested in visiting the Artis Senior Living of Mason facility to share the Polish culture with its residents.  It is a memory care facility and their residents really appreciate outside visitors. They range in age from 65-95.  There would probably be a group of 20-25 residents gathered in the community room to hear about Polish culture.  We would love to have someone wear traditional Polish dress, traditional Polish music would be wonderful, dance, etc.  The residents love to see children too if there was ever a school group that wanted to come by.

We could schedule something for a weekend between 1:30pm – 4pm, or during a weekday 1:30pm – 4pm or between 6pm – 7pm.  An hour long visit would be great, but even a 1/2 would be fine too! September time frame.

Please email us at if you are interested