Thank You for Attending Polish Basket Blessing Ceremony 2018

Thanks to all who joined us this Easter. Holy Saturday gives us yet another reason to be thankful for all our members and supporters. We appreciate your engagement in celebrating our culture, respect for our traditions and pride in our heritage. Święconka is a celebration that results in one of the largest meetings of Poles and Polish Americans living in Cincinnati as well as friends of the Polish American Society of Greater Cincinnati. Thank you to all who joined us on this special day! Below are few images we wanted to share with you from the event.

This event is sponsored and organized by the members of Polish-American Society of Greater Cincinnati (PASGC) and Dr. Piotr Chomczynski. A huge thank you to all the volunteers and special guests that have worked hard, diligently and patiently to make this event happen: OLHSC – facility rental, Priest – Father Ryan T. Ruiz, Altar Servers Michael Szczepkowski and Karolina Polakowski, Organist – Don Hurd, Knights of Columbus, Iwona Smucerowicz-Rose, Patrick Rose, Alyssa Grelak, Tom Grelak, Lukasz Szatkowski, Asia Black, Tim Black, Anita and Andrzej Polakowski, Telling family, Tom Haber, Edzia Floyd, Asia Cabaj, Maria Torgesen children from Polish School: Aleksander Ross, Johnny Bacca, Karolina Polakowski, Monika Ross, Gabriella Myers, Alicia Bacca, Natalya Sutarto, and many others.

Thank you to all who brought delicious desserts to our reception, and your generosity shared during the church collection – it is all greatly appreciated.

Special thanks also go to our PASGC Election 2018 Committee: Sandy Murawski, Tom Haber, and Asia Black. They did a fantastic job organizing the election process from start to end!

The PASGC, a not-for-profit which has been running for 55 years, provides additional events throughout the year for those who are interested in expanding their participation in the Polish community. Please join us by becoming a sustaining member of our organization. Your membership helps us preserve this beautiful tradition as well as other events that are part of the mission of PASGC.  You can register online at our website.