Support our Polish School Participation in the Polish Teachers Conference “Portland 2018”

The 15th​ ​US​ ​Conference​ ​of​ ​Polish​ ​School​ ​Teachers​ ​and Parent Committee Members​ will be hosted by the Polish Cultural Enrichment Program(PCEP), also known as Polish School, on May 25th-28th, 2018 in Portland. The conferences take place every two years, each time in a different state. The last few have taken place in Orlando, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and Houston. They are a great occasion for the teachers and advocates of Polish schools from America, Poland, and other regions of the world to meet, collaborate, and exchange proven solutions, game-changing ideas, and the tools needed to transform student learning.

For us, it is also an opportunity to represent our Polish School from Cincinnati, but mostly to learn how to make our school even better from educational and administrative perspective.

This conference is going to be a cultural and educational event. Many people involved in the education of children and young people in Polish communities around the world will participate in the conference. They are offering interesting lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and training, which will be conducted by experienced pedagogues from Poland and the United States. Classes will be held in blocks for teachers of different age groups, persons responsible for the management of Polish schools, scout instructors, and catechists.

The Polish American Society of Greater Cincinnati – PASGC Polish Language School program’s goal is to preserve the Polish language and culture in families of Polish heritage in the tri-state area. For over 6 years we have been able to provide the local community with unique experience and enrichment program that teaches Polish language, history, geography, songs, and crafts to cultivate the traditions and culture of Poland. We take in students from preschool to adult, and have classes that teach basic vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and structure of the Polish language with focus on conversation. We also expose the students to highlights of Polish culture in the context of language lessons.

We are seeking a financial sponsorship or donations to help us cover the cost of attendance for 2 of our teachers and longtime PASGC volunteers, who expressed interest in growing their teaching skills and becoming even more effective educators for our students. The goal is to raise $2000 to cover the cost of entry, travel, and accommodations. Since PASGC is our Fiscal Sponsor, and it is a non-profit organization, any contributions you make to our Polish School is tax deductible. If you would like to offer your financial support please use the DONATE button below to use your PayPal or credit card. You can also write a check to PASGC and mail to:

Dominika Graham PASGC Treasure
161 Marchester Drive
Kettering, OH 45429
United States


If you need any further information for tax purposes please do not hesitate to contact the Polish School Coordinator Emilia Bacca at: or call at 513-965-1286

We are looking forward to your support and to hearing from you.
Thank you.