Polish School Open House – February 3, 2018

Dear PASGC Members and Friends,

We invite all of you, especially parents of preschool age children and grade school age children, as well as adult learners, to join us this Saturday at our new and improved school location at Great Oaks Career Center as we being our new Spring semester for 2018. Come and see what PASGC Polish School can offer your family.


Polish School Open House
Saturday, February 3, 10-11AM
Scarlet Oaks Career Campus 

(303 Scarlet Oaks Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45241)

Our dedicated volunteers and teachers would love to meet you and showcase the Polish language enrichment experiences they provide during the class.  If you are unable to make it to the Open House, please know our house is always open!

Finally, we want to share some highlights of what makes us a great choice for your child:

  • learning rich Polish history, traditions and culture in addition to the language helps nurture child’s identity, builds confidence and creates positive awareness and image about the child’s heritage
  • nursery songs and school plays celebrating national holidays and traditions create memories for a lifetime
  • encourages and supports bilingual environment at home
  • provide flexible schedule, participate as much as you can
  • structured curriculum and educational materials enhances and support  the learning inside and outside of classroom
  • opportunity for  relationship building with other Polish-American children and adult in the area, connections and networking

You can learn more about our program by visiting our school website. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a personal tour, call Emilia Bacca at 513-965-1286.

Come check us out!  It’s a great time to be a Polish-American!


  • Enter Scarlet Oaks Campus from Kemper Rd -> Enterprise Dr
  • Proceed to block/building number 300
  • Proceed to Entrance #3 Adult Education East Wing
  • We are in classrooms: 131, 216, 219 and 218 is a break room


Polish School Teachers