PASGC Annual Member Meeting

Please join us for a fun evening with community building goal where you can make an impact and shape our future. Have you ever had an idea to change something in our club,  try something new, bring something old, get a voice, wanted provide an option about our events in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, or simply get together with fellow PASGC member and brainstorm how to make our community more valuable to you – if you answered yes to any of these questions then this meeting is for you!

We will provide general community updates (budget, events, school), hear your feedback and review items planned for 2018. We also would like to invite you to help us refine the vision for our club and how better could it serve our community. As times change so does our society with people moving in  and out. But every step of the way we have a great group of members and volunteers that care deeply about maintaining the club activities and carry on our mission into the future. We want to make sure we stay focused on the things that matter to  you. Please come in, be engaged and continue  helping us building a strong community that celebrates the heritage you are so proud of.


  1. Review current club performance
  2. Retrospective
  3. Plan for 2018
    1. New school location
    2. Collaboration with Jewish Center on the event in March
    3. Easter/Elections
    4. Sport’s team visit in June – calling for hosting families
    5. PASGC Picnic
    6. Christmas 2018
  4. Brainstorming
    1. Membership drive – more outreach to the community we serve in
    2. Home for our club – let’s start the dream talk
    3. Floor open to any other ideas

We count on you, participate and keep our culture beautiful all around us! We plan to start sharp at 6.00 pm, please plan accordingly. See you there!

Meeting location:

8494 Landen Cove

Maineville, OH 45039

The event is for registered members only, you can register here if you wish to join.