Polish American Society of Greater Cincinnati Raises $5000 to Help Establish First Dedicated Pediatric Trauma Center in Poland

We are happy to announce that our very first Polish American Society of Greater Cincinnati charity fundraising effort was a great success and we have achieved the fundraising goal of $5000! Our local community came together to help establish first dedicated Pediatric Trauma Center in Poland.

Raised funds will go directly towards covering the travel expenses for a team of Polish emergency services specialists from Gdansk, Poland who will travel to Cincinnati Children’s this summer July 16 – July 22 to participate in the Pediatric Trauma Transformation Collaborative. During this week- long visit they will gain practical knowledge and training to effectively run a pediatric trauma center which will maximize the survival rates and outcomes of their young patients. To learn more about this cause please visit Building First Dedicated Pediatric Trauma Center in Poland

We could not have achieved these results without a dedicated leadership and a team of volunteers: Emilia and Andy Bacca, Joanna and Staszek Cabaj, Malgorzata Klukowska, Anna and Rick VanMatre
Jola and Darek Zatorski, Piotr Kasprzycki, Sophie Kasprzycki, Magdalena Kasprzycki and Adam Meller who committed their time, resources and a place to support the fundraiser.

Special thanks to the group of amazing individuals from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: Dr. Richard Falcone, Margot Daugherty and Ben Walz who reached out to us and made us aware of this amazing program. Their dedication and involvement with this mission has been inspiring and critical to our community to understand the benefits and importance of this collaboration.

Above all thank you to all the donors for your incredible generosity and efforts. In addition, the biggest patrons of our Polish American community Dr Judy Heiny and Dr. Piotr Chomczynski decided to match the charity dinner donations to meet our goal in recognition and support of our community efforts.

We know this cause is very close to your heart and Dr. Czauderna with his medical team from Copernicus Hospital in Gdansk are very appreciative for your support! Your contribution will have direct impact on improving quality of the pediatric trauma care in Poland. We are very proud of the Polish medical team and the Copernicus Hospital in Gdansk to qualify for this special initiative. We wish them a success in their mission and we hope their services will grow in Poland beyond the initial dedicated center. We will keep you posted about their future efforts.

Thank you again PASGC and congratulations!
Polish American Society of Greater Cincinnati Board

Our journey through the fundraising campaign:

Falcone WalzBen Walz and Richard Falcon from Cincinnati Childrens provided a heartfelt speech during our Kick-Off event at our Easter celebration where they described the collaboration details and provided information on how our donations would be used. First donation were from this event and contributed to 20% of total goal.


emailEmail and social media fundraising campaign followed the kick-off event to help build more awareness around the cause and reach more members of our community locally and nationally.



Version 2Midsummer Night’s Dinner Party was the final fundraising event. A magical evening of feasting and celebrating with Polish cuisine, music, art, and surprises was enjoyed by all the guest. Special guest speakers Margot Daugherty from CCH and Kristyn Hertman from WCPO shared their perspective on the fundraising cause which drew an emotional response. Thanks to Asia and Staszek Cabaj for hosting the event at their home.


Pictures from the Midsummer Night’s Dinner Party