The Emperor of Madagascar and Other Polish Profiles and Stories

Front Book CoverKaya Mirecka Ploss
wrote The Emperor of Madagascar and Other Polish Profiles and Stories based on a lifetime of experience and study.

Her passion for Polish culture culminated in the fifteen years she spent as Executive Director of The American Center of Polish Culture in Washington, DC, but it began at her grandmother’s knee, where she heard stories that she never forgot.  Kaya’s colorful past has included work as an actress, a singer, a TV and radio personality, a writer and a promoter of Polish culture and heritage throughout the United States.  She draws from her varied background to present this collection of stories especially for American readers.

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From the Author

5427f1934ff9f_oI wrote the stories in this book over a span of fifteen years. My goal was to write about outstanding Polish people who contributed with their art, knowledge, or skills to the betterment of the world, but do not think for a moment that everyone in this book is famous.

You will also meet in these pages people that I know personally; my wise and practical grandmother, my vivacious cousin Lili, whose life took a surprising turn, my childhood friends, and other whom I came to know later in life. And I will take you to Poland I know and love, its cities, its customs, its fitory and its heros.

This is not a scholarly work. I just wanted to write down these stories as if I were sharing them with you over a cup of coffee, in a “storytelling” way. They are lighthearted and sometimes even amusing. With the editing help of my dear friend, Lisa Helling, we compiled the stories into a book.

I am especially grateful to Amalia VanMatre, who created the cover and the imaginative and whimsical illustrations, and to Anna Socha VanMatre, who spent countless hours on the artistic design and production of the book.Photo-Anna-for-Website-800

For all of us The Emperor of Madagascar was a labor of love.