Polish School Spring Semester 2017

Registration for Spring semester is currently open! This semester for PASGC Polish School will start January 28 and will end May 20.

This semester will remain for the most part the same as last year, same time, location and teachers. However, we are looking for a sub teacher to help with our preschool class every other week. Please let us know if you are interested to help or know somebody who would be.

Attached is registration form and schedule: polish-school-spring-2017-schedule-and-registration

If you are new to the PASGC Polish School and would like to learn more, we recommend you visit our School facebook page at www.facebook.com/pasgcpolishlanguageschool or our webstite: http://www.pasgc.org/?page_id=22. You can also reach out to Emilia Bacca @ school@pasgc.org or 513-965-1286 with any questions.

Look forward to a new, exciting year of learning, growth and fun!