Park was Dedicated to Thaddeus Kosciuszko

On May 12, 2012 in Dublin, Ohio a park was dedicated to Thaddeus Kosciuszko.

The following people were participating in this ceremony:
Mayor- Timothy A. Lecklider
Director of Parks- Fred Hahn
President of Polish Kosciuszko Foundation – Aleks Strozynski
Consul RP- Malgorzata Kozik
Citizens of Columbus and Guests from nearby cities.
The PASGC was represented by: Krystyna Krawczyk, Ted Day, Marlene Hardman, and Helena Kulik.

The initial part of the ceremony was very patriotic. Excellent lectures and presentations of our Polish-American hero Thaddeus Kosciuszko were given. In the next part of the ceremony, everyone was able to have a taste of Polish dishes which included: kielbasa, pierogi, fresh cucumber in sour cream, fruit, desserts and drinks. During this time, there were opportunities to meet with interesting people (president of the Polish Club in Columbus, Ohio, the managers of artistic groups, Bernardertty Zubel PNA-Director of region “F”).
The second part of the ceremony was artistic performances. The first band from Columbus played the traditional dance, followed by three bands from Cleveland.
We were happy and proud to watch young people dancing our regional dances to our Polish folk music. Even the weather was great. The sun was gently peeking through the clouds, and there was a light wind.

It is very difficult to express the feelings and the emotions we had watching the bands/groups dancing. I think that this is best illustrated in the pictures. The whole ceremony was very nice and will stay with us for a long time. The Tadeusz Kosciuszko Park is a beautiful park, which we recommend to visit if you are in Columbus.

Written by Helena Kulik

Please visit the link below for pictures from the event.

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